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I am a graphic designer in southern California, a freelancer who was working from home a few years ago and got hooked on TechTV. In addition to my freelance design I was teaching computer graphics at a local community college (still do); I found the easy conversational style and information from Leo and his friends helped me to help my students big time. And, of course, it was just fun to watch! I appreciate smart people who also have a great sense of humor.

Since I teach with and use Macs, I really appreciated the info about Windows and Linux. I also loved the fact that Leo, Patrick, Kevin—everyone there had so many tech industry friends and acquaintances who came on the show. It was like having friends in the Bay Area tech crowd that you could occasionally stop by and see.

When G4 bought TechTV I was as disheartened as everyone with the new format and started to follow Leo's blog. The famous podcast after MacWorld—I had never listened to a podcast before—was like having a light bulb go off in my head. I immediately wrote to Leo (as did you all) to tell him that's what we want. More! We all knew that it was going to be big.

I designed the original RoTSS logo, Radio Leo logo and gave Leo some advice on logo design and branding.

I have designed a lot of the album art for TWiT, and when it started to erupt I asked if I could do t-shirts. Leo said "sure." I originally did screen-printed shirts, then switched to Spreadshirt as it allowed for more sizes, colors and variety than I could offer. Now that Leo is taking over the TWiT branded stuff, I am offering my "non-TWiT" designs in a new store: techstuffstore at Spreadshirt.com